“They Gaffled Me!!”

The Newton Trial Court and Police Department, MA played me out like Michael Jackson in a fraud order for the purpose of stealing my six whips and personal property.  Corporal punishment.  If our HOs are frop make Heff and them walk - section 66 of the penal code.

But you know the Real Deal.  Blackstone New York City Waldorf Astoria, Hilton Corp et. al.  (unn-c-102-95, Elizabeth, NJ)  on the Shobo Rizzio!!  Gotti!  The Judge had to do gay for it because he knew the Governor wouldn’t pay for it.

Nonetheless, here are four of them.  The reserve is set at a Nyce $216MM each.  I don’t have pictures handy on remaining two but you can just contact Roger Bellamy at Sotheby’s London if interested.   

Also up for sale is my seized art collection to include:   clocks, drawings and watercolors, antiques, fossils & minerals, jewelry, celebrity memorabilia (my guitars and other musical instruments as well as tear-laden tissues from singing my heart out over my unreturned phone calls to mommy’s agent in my futile attempts to overthrow the government due to the fact that whitey has gone out of fashion), photographs, porcelain, post-war & contemporary art,  sculptures, statues & figures, silver, asian art, books & manuscripts, furniture & lighting, impressionist & modern art, posters, signage & advertising, prints & multiples, and watches.  Contact Christie’s for the details.  Will donate a portion to the Vatican!

Keep Bonin’ and Get Ready to Go in the Big Big Show!!


- Ben Hargrave Chairman/CEO of Adult Media Studioshttp://sothebys.comhttp://christies.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1